QueueTube -- A Music Player for YouTube.

 Download Now -- Version 2.0.3

Listen to YouTube while using other apps!

* Search YouTube for songs or playlists
* Create and edit your own playlists locally
* Several play modes (Normal/Random/Repeat)
* Lyrics
* Album art
* Headset/Remote support (Pause/Next/Previous)
* Simple, small (~360 KB), and easy to use

*** The guarantee ***
Install this app and you'll be listening to your favorite YouTube music in just a few seconds.

Pro mode:
* Share to Facebook or Twitter to enable Pro Mode for then next 14 days. Pro mode includes notification controls, lockscreen controls (for Android 5.0+), and no Ads!

More features:
* Lockscreen controls (Android 4.0+)
* Notification controls (Pro mode, Android 3.0+)
* Saves on bandwidth by using audio-only YouTube streams (Android 4.3+)
* Opens YouTube links from other apps (eg. an email link or Share button in Official YouTube app)
* Can share songs to other YouTube apps
* Facebook & Twitter sharing
* Tablet optimized
* Pauses music when headphones are unplugged, or you make or receive a phone call
* Tested on Android 2.3 - 7.1

Bandwidth usage is as follows, approximately, for a 4-minute song:
- Android 4.3+ Audio-only streams: 3MB
- Older versions of Android w/HD Audio enabled: 12MB
- Older versions of Android w/HD Audio disabled: 3MB

Note: Anonymous usage statistics are collected (what features are used most) via Google Analytics. This can be disabled in the app preferences.

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